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November 18, 2014  •  2 Comments

I hadn’t heard of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition before and this was my third time in Sydney. It was only when my friend recommended that I go and make a day of it. The day was warm, bright and would get hot. So with my camera in my bag, I made my way to see and experience the 18th Annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Bondi.

Getting there took two buses from Kingsford, one to get me to Bondi Junction and another to get to Bondi, a fairly easy task. Plus at Bondi Junction there were ample signs telling people which stops to get the bus to the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. One stop had a very long queue but with foresight they were running buses frequently with the drivers being very helpful and at times patient with the large draw of tourists.

I found the exhibition weird, wonderful, strange, bizarre, random and amazing all at the same time. It’s the diversity of the art that makes the exhibition work so well. Also that it’s by the sea is a massive draw and a great day out for all, it was amazing to see people of all ages appreciate, talk about it and of course taking lots of photos. The hot weather helped, with the sun beating down, some of the brightly coloured sculptress stood out and those with metallic like surfaces and finishing glistened.

Below are photos I took and description (at bottom of photo) of the sculptures are taken from the official catalogue. All photos taken on Canon 5Dmk2 with lens 24-105 f/4 L IS.

Artist: Will Maguire

Title: big man

Statement: confident and content in the knowledge that he is big and he is man


Artist: Tetsuro Yamasaki

Title: metamorphosis – to the sky

Statement: the work was created with iron whilst imagining how man must have been surprised and exited when he discovered iron


Artist: Takahiro Hirata

Title: dark knight shine 2014

Statement:  In Japan, an arrow is a talisman that shoots and protects against evil spirits. The work envisages a shining arrow which breaks through darkness 


Artist: Janaki Lele

Title: look who’s here

Statement:  The work explores animal forms, nature and architecture through paper. The technique and subject matter kindles curiosity and amusement


Artist: Ian Swift  

Title: the boat pool

Statement:  From the South Coast to Newcastle, ocean pools were largely made by families wanting a safe place to swim. Could it happen now?


Artist: Kerrie Argent  

Title: overconsumption

Statement:  We are threatened by the mountains of floating rubbish. Five great garbage patches, more every day


Artist: Koichi Ogino  

Title: pink granite

Statement:  We live on earth having nothing to do with a lot of other people. To help each other, we need to be considerate of our neighbourhood and be at peace with the world


Artist: Cave Urban  

Title: save our souls

Statement:  Just as the flash of a lighthouse is a welcome sign of hope, safe harbour and humanity, it may warm the uninvited to stay clear of a hostile shore


Artist: Ayako Saito

Title: morning star

Statement:  This open structure with its suspended shapes is like a morning start, hovering in the sky 


Artist: Braddon Snape

Title: nothin’ but sky

Statement:  The work beckons one to immerse themselves, to funnel and focus their view of the expansive Australian sky, in a moment of isolation  


Artist: George Andric

Title: sisyphus

Statement:  The artist strives to find some sense of order that is independent of the world that presents itself – which at times can be deceptive and illusory 


Artist: Melissa McElhone

Title: vessels of destiny

Statement:  The vessels are inspired by journey and its resulting life changes 


Artist: Jock Clutterbuck

Title: oceania cartouche

Statement:  Based on the oceanic tradition of sand drawings in Vanuatu, an ancient fabric of tribal calligraphy spread amongst the people of the region and still practised today


Artist: Stephen King

Title: the folly (2012)

Statement:  Wood is good


Artist: Michael Le Grand

Title: headrest


Artist: David Cerny

Title: babies three pieces


Artist: Harrie Fasher

Title: which was forwards?

Statement: A double headed rocking horse is a humorous look at our different approaches to life. Pulling in opposing directions, one end gallops into the future whilst the other proceeds with control and power 


Artist: Wang Shugang

Title: man playing with birds (2012)

Statement: The work explores the relationship between man and nature. It combines the traditional material of bronze with the traditional arts language  of realistic representation 


Artist: Greger Stahlgren

Title: stone baskets

Statement: Inspired by things seen in nature, different materials, traditional craftsmanship and classical architecture. All materials can be reshaped 


Artist: Julie Donnelly

Title: sentinals

Statement: Emerging from underground the Sentinals navigate the residue of the past and create identities. They span time and space.


 Artist: Thomas Qualye

Title: comenavadrink and waddayalookinat

Statement: Inspired by people I grew up with. People who lived in excess, drank heavily and spoke with one word sentences   


Artist: Neon

Title: house of mirrors

Statement:  The work re-defines the architecture of the common beach hut. It is camouflaged into its surroundings with an interior that accentuates key views of the outside world   


Artist: Philip Spelman

Title: redtrumpet redtable


Artist: Koichi Ishino

Title: wind stone – the threshold of consciousness

Statement:  It takes you from once place into another, and when you are about to start something new, you are also on a threshold  


Artist: Brad Jackson

Title: wanderers

Statement:  The wanderers are a passing family group of travelling orbs. Their origin, destination and intentions remain unknown  


Artist: Andrew Hankin

Title: we’re fryin out here

Statement:  The work asks us to stop and think about the damaging effects of the sun, and the need to ‘cook’ ourselves at the beach  


Artist: Alejandro Propato

Title: permanent sunrise

Statement:  This installation is dedicated to the sunrise at Bondi. It is ephemeral but we can imagine that its beauty could be forever  

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